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Swift Transitions

September 2021 has been a time of swift transition for me, including being selected for display at the Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation. The new science and engineering building will host a selection of my images in a student lounge similar to those where I studied for my degree in computer science and software engineering at Seattle University.

At Lox, Stocks, and Bagels, a new installation of tannagx images are available to enjoy with a bagel sandwich and coffee. Abstracted water lilies, Flower Topography in Blue, and Mt. Hood Plein Air are now hanging.

Beginning October 1st, the New Zone Gallery will host three classically framed tannagx images and I will attend the opening night festivities between 6 to 7pm. Local music and wine will be available.

A revised description of my artistic process is now posted on my About page; new contemplations of the digital nature of my work are more clearly defined. Although I generate the images, I am often amazed at what my digital medium produces. The art music video presented this month includes new tannagx creations and music by John Thomas.

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