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AI Augmentation: Art Music Video

Happy New Year! Twenty twenty-four is brimming with creativity. Artificial intelligence applications have crossed new boundaries in machine learning to facilitate creative processes in every field. Smart phone applications allow creators to coalesce communication platforms generating information at predicted exponential levels. This year AbstractArtz will explore the Open AI DALL-E Artificial Intelligence algorithm using PicsArt and Photoleap for image development and Canva to produce art music videos that display artistic innovations referencing art history, classical design techniques, and twenty-first century multimedia production.

Our January art music video, AI Augmentation, is short and sweet. AI Augmentation was the first video produced by AbstractArtz using Canva, a graphic design platform for rapid content development over multiple formats. Using the Canva app on an iPhone, a quirky music video was ready to be uploaded in less than an hour. Images were created using PicsArt. The letter ‘A’ was written into a photo file using the ‘Brushes’ black marker tool. A background image was generated with text-to-image; “Oval watercolor paint palette”. The chosen oval was cropped, ‘AI Enhance’ focused image resolution, and the ‘A’ character was transcribed into the watercolor oval. PicsArt artificial intelligence filters were used to build visual effects within the oval image; Gameplay, K-Pop, and Klimt style filters were used. The Gustav Klimt (1862-1918, Wikipedia) versions were my favorite, with repeated geometric patterns. ‘Happy Whistling Ukelele’ audio was used for quirky soundtrack and AI Augmentation was ready to be emailed, saved in Photos, and posted on Instagram.

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