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Letter to Gallery Recommending AI Art Acceptance

Dear New Zone Gallery and Art Collective,

Thank you for providing a professional gallery experience for all kinds of artists, the beginners, the classical, the nude, the protestors, and all those genres beyond. Your show, Le Salon de Refuses, is historically inspiring every year by displaying the art refused by the Mayor’s Art show as the Impressionists were once refused by artistic academia in Paris. However, it was mentioned after the March 2023 Zone4All, that Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art may be refused in future Zone4All and gallery exhibits. I am writing to request that AI art be accepted in the Zone4All and Le Salon de Refuses events because AI design is certainly art, made by humans for humans.

Although AI art is controversial and ‘artificial’ is part of the name, to produce quality AI, an artist uses the same classical techniques required of any art form: design, skill, and meaning. There are unlimited amounts of AI art being generated, but the images that are being exhibited can be judged as all other art forms. The AI algorithm is directed by a person, and as a camera can be wielded by anyone, the photos by experienced photographers include balance, line, movement, and purpose. AI art also requires practice, skill, education, and vision, not just in the generation of an amazing image, but with the physical production, marketing, and distribution of the art. The human designers of AI algorithms and the humans that direct AI applications to make art are equally relevant to the human artists painting, photographing, and molding matter with meaningful design. We all have different skill sets and media we use to tell our story.

The Controversy of Copywrite. Part of the AI dilemma includes the complaint that Internet art used to “train” AI algorithms has not been authorized by the artists. Although AI can duplicate famous work exactly, the AI generated is very rarely copied artwork. Style references are used: color themes, painted stroke patterns, and topic, but the resulting work is a synthesis, different from the original art form in meaning and appearance. AI adds to the greatness of the original art because the style of those masters is celebrated again by new artists. The point is, human artists learn from previous artists; all art is learned by viewing previous art. However, AI artists should be expected, as all artists, to reference their sources, including style references, AI algorithms, and design applications.

Art designed using artificial intelligence algorithms is different now, but like Impressionism, Expressionism, Techno, and Rock n’ Roll, it is part of the human progression. AI art does not take away from the brilliance of paint, the texture of steel, or the usefulness and beauty of woven or clay work. AI is just a new way to express ourselves. Please do not refuse this new art form like those from our repetitious past. The New Zone Gallery is exactly the place where AI art should be accepted, a gallery that graciously accepts all forms of art, by the young and the old, Classical and Steampunk, mainstream or not.

Thank you again for hosting the Eugene Le Salon de Refuses and the Zone4All exhibits.



Multimedia Photography and AI Art

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