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March 2024

AbstractArtz presents Paintbrush: Multimedia Photography with an AI Twist. This series began in June of 2023 with a photo taken mountain biking outside Bend, Oregon. By removing the pine needle background, the structure of this Paintbrush flower is brought forward to be enjoyed. Artificial intelligence processing via the PicsArt Dalle-3 algorithm generated a fascinating array of images using just a few style references.

Paintbrush: Watercolor is the first iteration and the closest representation of Paintbrush flower structure. Next is the Contemporary version, a romantically realistic. Goddess ++ host fanciful earrings and the Mermaid explores bubbling underwater flowers. A K-pop kite in pink and gold flashes symbolic ornament and at the Abstract end of the continuum, geometric circles lead the eye in diagonal directions while seagulls fly over an individual dystopian city.

Paintbrush: Multimedia Photography with an AI Twist will be on display in March at Lox, Stock’s, and Bagels off 40th and Donald in Eugene. Online sales can be made at as wall art, on mugs, tote bags, and pillows. Stay tuned as AbstractArtz continues to catalog exciting advancements in digital art, AI art, and the field of multimedia photography.

Tanna :)

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