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March 2022

This March, tannagx was hosted by New Zone Gallery in the Zone4All exhibit. At the First Friday opening, a lively crew of local Eugene, Oregon artists enjoyed an amazing display of multimedia artistic talent, including two framed digital art images by tannagx. Digital Micrology in Gold and Digital Pueblo are examples of Digital Micrology, a study of micro landscapes that make up digital images designed by tannagx.

In other news, Wildfire Sunset 2020 has a most appropriate new home with Laurie Trieger, Lane County Commissioner for South Eugene. Wildfire Sunset 2020 is an abstracted image of a sunset over South Eugene when the McKenzie River was on fire just 17 miles away. Commissioner Trieger thoughtfully posted on Instagram:

The art music video this month presents a variety of art designed in March 2022 by tannagx with music by Andrew Valentin.

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