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January 2022

Happy New Year! This month ends with a new beginning at Lox, Stocks and Bagels, now under new ownership. Although the bagel recipe remains the same, the shop was remodeled and more emphasis will be given to monthly art installations.

This first show will be a compilation of multimedia photography by tannagx with local Oregon imagery including Wildfire Sunset 2020, botanical selections, and several Northwest landscapes: Mt. Hood, Mt. Washington, and Broken Top. Each framed piece is printed on water resistant paper covered in glass.

So please stop by Lox, Stocks, and Bagels in the month of February for bagels and digital art by tannagx :o) Open Wednesday – Sunday, 7am-2pm. Located at 368 E. 40th Ave, Eugene, OR, 97405.

Art music video presents digital textures by tannagx and music by Artafacts via Magisto.

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