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February 2022

The final month of tannagx at Lox,Stocks, and Bagels is underway. A year ago, I stopped in for a bagel and noticed a long blank wall. I had recently been featured in an article about digital art where I discussed a goal of having my art on display at coffee shops, so I pulled up my courage and asked to see the manager. The owner then, Scott Lily, kindly accepted my suggestion and I got my first selection of digital art onto the wall.

Starting an art business in the middle of a pandemic was quite the experience. I felt good about having my art available to people waiting, since food couldn’t be eaten indoors, and I began to realize the social importance of art and gathering. Building relationships with the employees at Lox, Stocks, and Bagels was also a joy; several local musicians and a videographer made creative conversation.

The new owner, Maxwell Davis, a previous employee/manager of the shop, has remodeled the interior and plans to present monthly art installations. Although I will miss weekly bagel visits, I plan to focus on my gallery and two New Zone Gallery shows this year.

So please stop by Lox, Stocks, and Bagels in the month of February for bagels and digital art by tannagx :o) Open Wednesday – Sunday, 7am-2pm. Located at 368 E. 40th Ave, Eugene, OR, 97405.

The art music video presented this month highlights scenes from Lox, Stocks, and Bagels. Music by Andrew Valentin.

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