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December 2021

This month provides new opportunities to purchase tannagx prints, an art music video with tannagx selections, and an experimental .nft project. My gallery displays over thirty tannagx images including botanicals, topography, and abstracts available to purchase with custom printing and art rental options. To view this exhibit, go to

On the @tannagx Instagram feed, I’ve added an 8 piece .nft series with an art music video featuring a collection of trees from the Roblox video game ‘Dragon’s Life’. The original images are screenshots from Dragon’s Life while gaming; after digital manipulation, these images are transformed into a delightful series of colorful landscapes. The .nft images are not available for sale unless approved by the makers of Dragon’s Life, but they represent a sample project that could be generated. If interested, contact

The art music video featured this month is stocked with tannagx images for sale via TurningArt. The music is a little ditty I composed via GarageBand in 2020 called Late Night. Enjoy!

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